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askEarth is an answer engine for earth observation data like satelitte imagery.

askEarth Explore is available on many devices such as desktop, tablet and mobile and is accessible from anywhere.

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Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub
European Space Agency Business Incubator (ESA BIC)
University of Zurich (UZH)
askEarth Explore is a web application that enables users to interact with earth observation data in an intuitive way.

Every day satellites take pictures of Earth

Creating vast amounts of data that is used by scientists, governments and businesses around the globe.
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Find exactly what you need within seconds, powered by the new generation of LLMs and our parallelized cloud-infrastructure.

Demo image of the askEarth Chat providing the user with earth observation data powered by Large Language Models (LLM) like Chat GPT.


Interact with complex data as if making a sandwich.
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Our Team

Manuel Gerold, COO of askEarthManuel Gerold, COO of askEarth

Manuel Gerold


Gatean Petit, CSO of askEarthGatean Petit, CSO of askEarth

Gaetan Petit


Simon Grüning, CTO of askEarthSimon Grüning, CTO of askEarth

Simon Grüning


David Berger, CDO of askEarthDavid Berger, CDO of askEarth

David Berger